Have any questions to ask us? We have answered some of the most common questions people ask us here, but if you have a specific question you would like us to answer, please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Q. Is there a minimum quantity I have to buy from you?

A. there is no minimum quantity you can decide how much you want

Q. How much does your fish cost?

A. our prices are usually cheaper than fish mongers, and are competitive to supermarkets prices although as our customers say "better quality than other fish suppliers" 

Q. How much does delivery cost?

A. we do not charge for delivery

Q. Is your fish frozen? Can I freeze it?

A. NO! We pride ourselves on the freshest fish that has not previously been frozen. So YOU can freeze our fish if you want too!

Q.Do you have the same fish all year or do you have specific fish at certain times?

A. Most varieties of fish are available all year round, however seasonal variations do affect availability.

Q. Am I committing myself to any set arrangement?

A. NO! We only call at YOUR SPECIFIC requests.

Q.  I don't like bones and skin.  Can I have skinless and boneless fish?

A. Yes! I can skin and bone most fish to your requirements free of charge!

Q. I'm not confident about cooking fresh crab and lobster - can you help???

A. Yes! I can fully cook and prepare these items for you and deliver them ready to serve at no extra cost!

Q. Are the deliveries temperature controlled?

A.  Yes, all fish is temperature controlled with regular temperature checks/logs taken in accord with food hygiene regulations

Q. How fresh is the fish you delivery? Some people have delivered fish to me that was several days old.

A. I buy and deliver your fish on the same day, if its not fresh we don't purchase it, (unlike some supermarkets as recently reported in the national press whose fish can be quote; "Up to 3 weeks old")

Q. Do you sell anything else apart from fish?

A. Yes we sell extra large genuine FREE RANGE eggs

Q.  Are you regulated by any organisations/local bodies?

A. We are registered with South Staffs County council and Wolverhampton City council and are inspected periodically according to food hygiene Regs.  We also both hold up to date Food Hygiene certificates.

Q. Do you deliver to commercial premises?

A. Yes I currently deliver to nursing and care homes and other businesses.