We understand that in this climate it is essential to get the best value possible.  We therefore strive to be as competitive as possible when it comes to pricing.  The fresh fish market has no fixed price structure as prices vary daily.  You can be assured that we aim to pass on the best value to you.

Here are some sample prices sample prices that are current as of January 2020. All prices are per KILO not per pound

Filleted cod, haddock,  at £18.50  per Kilo

Natural Smoked Haddock, yellow smoked haddock all at £19.50 per Kilo.

Hake fillets £21.75 Boneless Salmon fillets £21.50 Sea Bass fillets £21.50

Royal Greenland frozen peeled Prawns £21.00

Hot smoked natural smoked mackerel fillets £1.70 each.

Manx Kippers £1.75 each

Brixham BEST English plaice fillets £19.50

Coley fillets £14.99

Rainbow trout whole £9.99 Trout fillets £2 -£3 various sizes

Fresh dressed crab £5.50 each

Lemon Sole Fillets £18.99 per kilo

If you would like to know the current cost of any specific piece of fresh fish you may require please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with this imformation.